Flamerite Fires Sizes

Please click below for Flamerite fires Sizes

Flamerite Fires Sizes

Twin Wall Chimney System Printable Survey Sheets

Please click on image below for Printable PDF of Twin Wall Chimney System.

House Internal Twin Wall System Top Flue Exits House Internal Twin Wall System Rear Flue Exits House External Twin Wall System Top Flue Exits

House External Twin Wall System Rear Flue Exits Bungalow Internal Twin Wall System Top Flue Exits Bungalow Internal Twin Wall System Rear Flue Exits

Bungalow External Twin Wall System Top Flue Exits


The HETAS Advice Leaflet

The HETAS advice leaflets cover a range of topics. Feel free to download the PDF’s below, or contact the Furniture And Fireplaces team if you would like a paper copy to be sent to you please email

Woodfuel-outside-210x300 2-operating-outweb-01-205x300 BuildingRegs-outside-211x300

4-chimney-outweb-01-206x300 carbon-monoxide-outside-210x300 smoke-control-outside-209x300

Supply Only

Here at Furniture and Fireplaces we offer discount for SUPPLY ONLY.

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Fireplaces & Stove Installations?

Our full range of services are available if you require them.

  • Site survey if required.
  • Installation of Fireplaces, Gas Fire & Electric.
  • Installation of Woodburning Stove & Multi Fuel Stove.
  • Flue lining for wood or multi fuel stoves.
  • Flue lining for open fireplaces. 
  • Flue Lining for Gas Fires.
  • Twin wall insulated flue systems.
  • Removal of old fireplace.
  • Disposal of old fireplace.
  • Adapt openings.
  • Plastering & making good.
  • False chimney breast construction.
  • Chimney pots & cowls supplied & fitted.
  • Chimney exhaust fans supplied & fitted.
  • Chimney sweeping.
  • Modifying, replacing or renewing Flue liners.
  • Safety checks carried out & certificate provided.

Which Wood Burn Best?

Please click for PDF of Which Wood Burn Best Which Wood Burn Best ?

We supply and delivery Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs Buy Logs

How do I know how big a stove to buy?

First calculate the cubic volume of your room, a quick and simple 'calculator' for this formula is, measure your room in metres, (multiply the length x the width x the hight.)

Full example 5m L x 5m W x 2.7m H = 67.5 divide by 14 = 4.82, this number is the kW that you need to heat the room (4.82kW)

Do I need to line my chimney?

Depends! On the condition of the flue, it must be said that all stoves will have their performance enhanced by flue lining, but it is not a pre-requisite for a stove to require a flue liner. Flue Liners

Which is better, cast iron stove or steel stove?

Having a good cast rather than a poor steel, or a good steel rather then a poor cast. (Our opinion, just go for quality)

How quickly can I get a fireplaces or stove installed?

We aims to install your new Fireplaces or Stove within 2-4 week from the day of ordering.

How quick will my Fireplaces or Stove be delivered for supply only?

We aim to delivery within 5-7 days if the product in stock.

What’s the best stove?

This is a very good question, be guided by your retailer. Its in the retailers interest to sell you the right stove to do the right job, so you become a sale person for their shop!! 

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