Avelar Portuguese Limestone Suite

Portuguese Limestone is a natural material, formed over 50 million years ago resulting in natural veining and fossils throughout.

Avelar Portuguese Limestone Suite

The characteristic darker veins are just one part of this stones beauty, with the intermingled fossils of plants and animal life make this natural stone amazingly unique.

We offer a bespoke service on all of our Portuguese Limestone Suites, please contact our friendly team at our showroom in Oatlands Village, Weybridge for a quotation.

Standard Specifications (available in two standard sizes)

Top Shelf & Hearth Width 1220mm/1066mm
Top Shelf Depth 210mm
Hearth Depth 380mm
Opening Height 740mm/690mm
Opening Width 755mm/736mm
Overall Height 1039mm/1015
Rebate 25mm/75mm

Portuguese Limestone


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